Jun. 15th, 2013

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Welcome to our sixth round of Harlequin Kradam Fest! Please comment here with your prompts.

~We will accept prompts through July 5th.

~All of the prompts will be collated into a list and posted here at [livejournal.com profile] harlequinkradam on July 6th for claiming. Prompts will be available for claiming (and you may post your fanfic or fanart submissions) from July 6th through September 30th.

You may submit:

~general prompts or more specific scenarios;
For example:

General Prompt: marriage of convenience

Specific Scenario: Kris Allen is the son of a wealthy businessman who must marry by his 25th birthday or lose the inheritance he plans to use to fund his own charity. He sees Adam Lambert, a struggling musician, perform one night and is smitten; Kris makes Adam an offer he can’t refuse.
~blurbs off the back of Harlequin romance novels, or blurbs from the back of DVD cases, or scenarios you’ve made up yourself, or mix ‘em up (if you link to a source, please include the link only, no coding, as that makes it easier for me to c&p into the master list); and

~prompts from the last round (just c&p them into a comment here), whether they were claimed and filled or not.

The only requirements are that the prompt be Kris/Adam and be of a Harlequin nature (which we will interpret broadly). Harlequin is a type of romance that includes everything from traditional to historical, intrigue to supernatural. If you’re not sure what we mean by the term ‘Harlequin’, check out the eHarlequin writing guidelines.

For more information about the Fest please read the rules on the community profile. If your question isn’t answered there you may ask us here at the Q&A post.

Please note: If you plan to post a fic this round that you started for a previous round, please make sure that the prompt you claimed is re-submitted for this round so that you can re-claim it.

Here are several more prompts to get us started:

~Kris Allen signs up for Theater 101 because it’s the only open course that fits his schedule. It’s not long before the professor learns what Kris has always known: he sucks at acting. Kris is handed over to the not so tender mercies of TA, Adam Lambert, who teaches Kris about acting, and a whole lot more.

~Single dad Kris Allen finally bows to the inevitable and hires a nanny to help him take care of his daughter/son. Picturing the staid nanny types who suck all the fun out of life, he tells the service that he wants someone who is imaginative and artistic. When Adam Lambert first appears on his doorstep, Kris isn’t sure he’s the right man for the job, but Adam soon convinces Kris otherwise.

~When photographs of Kris Allen kissing another man are posted on-line he refuses to deny that he is gay. His record company claims breach of contract, but they give Kris a choice: either he will be banned from performing publicly for the remainder of his contract and sued for damages, or he can agree to allow them to sell his contract to Adam Lambert, a man who has made no secret of his desire for Kris.

Now go ahead and submit your own prompts!


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