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Title: Twice Bitten
Rating: NC-17
By: [livejournal.com profile] jeweledvixen
Word Count: 9516 total for both parts.
Notes: Adult sexual scenes; bad language. No trigger warnings.

Kris Allen wakes up in the hospital having lost his memories of the last six months of his life. The one thing he remembers is Adam Lambert, and the love they share. Adam takes Kris home from the hospital to the home they share, but things feel strange to Kris. What happens when he remembers the truth, that Adam left him for another man and has just been playing a role to help Kris get his memory back? Can Adam convince Kris that he truly loves him? Can Kris trust him?

2013 - August

Adam fluffed Kris' pillows and leaned down to give him a gentle kiss on the lips. "Do you need anything before I run to the store? Are you sure you'll be ok until I get back? Mom really wouldn't mind going instead," Adam said anxiously. Kris laughed.

"Don't be silly, Adam. I'm fine and I'll be ok until you get back. I have the stack of magazines and the books that you bought me to read. I have the crossword puzzle books you bought me. I have the movies you bought me and the remote. I have the glass of ice water and the glass of orange juice. I have the cookies and the crackers and the fresh fruit you brought in just in case I get thirsty or hungry. I'll survive until you get back. Now, go!" Adam headed for the door, then turned around to look back at Kris and hesitated, wondering if it really would be better if his mother went to the store for them.

"GO!" Kris commanded. Adam grinned sheepishly and went. It really was no big deal. He was just making a quick trip to Whole Foods to get some groceries - all of Kris' favorites. Adam had gotten a crash course in cooking from his mother and from Kris' mother while Kris was in the hospital, and could now make decent meals that Kris liked. Both mothers had left recipes for him to follow after they showed him how to make each one. It had been something that he needed to know and it also helped keep his mind off the fact that Kris had been badly injured in the accident. Not only had he sustained several broken bones, but he had amnesia now and didn't remember anything since the party for Adam's birthday six months ago.

The accident had happened six weeks ago. Kris had been crossing the street when a car had run a red light and had hit Kris, throwing him fifteen feet. The driver had been on his cell phone and hadn't seen either the red light or Kris. Kris had a broken shoulder and a broken leg, both on the left side. He also had a fractured skull. He had been in a coma for over a week. Adam had hardly left the hospital at all, just to go home, take a shower and change his clothes. He lived on coffee and vending machine food. Kris' mom, Kim had flown out from Arkansas and was glad to have Adam there.

Kris still had the cast on his leg and his shoulder. He was unable to walk right now and needed Adam's assistance with just about everything. That included showers, the part of all this that Kris enjoyed the most. Adam had to cover Kris' casts with plastic bags so they wouldn't get wet, and he insisted on washing Kris himself. Kris insisted on returning the favor for Adam, and since both were naked in the shower together, it was the best time to enjoy each other.

After they got up in the morning and had showered and Adam had gotten Kris dressed, he would carry Kris out to the living room and make him comfortable on the couch, bringing all the books, magazines, videos, etc. out so Kris could do what he wanted. He also brought Kris his laptop so he could surf the web. Frequently, Adam would get on the couch with Kris and they would cuddle and Kris would fall asleep in Adam's arms.

Adam drove to the store and did the shopping as quickly as he could, not wanting to leave Kris for any longer than necessary. What if Kris' memory came back? Adam wanted to be there, no he needed to be there when Kris regained his memory. The doctor had said that his memory should return and could at any time. If he were in familiar surroundings, with people he knew, he had a better chance of remembering sooner.

Adam hurried home, nervous about Kris' memory. He dumped the groceries in the kitchen and almost ran to the bedroom - the bedroom he had shared with Kris for more than three years. He found Kris sound asleep with the television on. Adam turned the television off and headed back to the kitchen to unpack the groceries. As he did, he couldn't help but think about why it was so important for him to be here when Kris' memory returned.

2009 - March

Adam had met Kris when Kris moved from Arkansas to Los Angeles. Adam had been singing the lead in the LA production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Kris was hired to be his understudy. The two of them got to know each other through rehearsals, performances and just hanging out with the rest of the cast and crew. They were total opposites in almost every way. The one thing that they had in common was their love of music and their dream of making it as a recording artist someday. Adam had introduced Kris to his friends and they all went clubbing together on their nights off.

As time had gone on, they had started spending more time together without their friends around. They would frequently go to lunch together before rehearsal, and Kris would often invite Adam back to his place after the show and cook dinner for the two of them. They spent hours talking and each slowly realized that he was falling for the other one. They never spent the night at each other's place, even though each secretly dreamed of it. But Kris felt like the country mouse to Adam's glitter-coated city mouse, while Adam was sure his lifestyle was too crazy for Kris, who had been raised so conservatively.

One night, Adam went over to Kris' after the show. He took off his boots and socks, like usual, as soon as he walked in the door. He went over to the counter and sat on one of the stools. Kris was cooking, but paused long enough to pull out a beer and pass it to Adam across the counter. They talked for a few minutes about the show and music. Suddenly Kris shut the burners off, came around the counter, leaned down and kissed Adam firmly on the lips. He tasted like beer and, well, Adam. Adam carefully set his beer down on the counter and asked, "Are you trying to seduce me?"

Kris nodded. Adam reached up, grabbed Kris' shirt, pulled him down and kissed him senseless. When he finally let Kris go, they just looked at each other for a minute. Kris cleared his throat and said, "I'm not sure who's seducing who." Adam's eyes were dark with desire and Kris said, "Bedroom." He took Adam's hand and pulled him up off the stool and down the hall to his bedroom.

Clothes were shed and Kris soon found himself on his back on the bed with Adam straddling his hips. "You're so beautiful," Adam whispered, then leaned down to kiss Kris again. He trailed kisses across Kris' jaw, down his neck and across his chest. Kris shivered at all the sensations skittering across his skin, making their way down to his cock, causing it to stir. Kris put his hands on Adam's shoulders and ran his fingers across the soft skin and down his arms. Kris could feel Adam's cock pressing against his own now. He lifted his hips slightly and rubbed their cocks together, causing an amazing friction that made Adam catch his breath. He said, "Lube? Condom?" Kris simply pointed to the second drawer in his nightstand. Adam pulled it open and desperately grabbed the needed items. He put a generous amount of lube on his fingers. Kris spread his legs and bent his knees. Adam knelt in between Kris' legs so he could begin to work Kris open. Kris hadn't had sex in so long that he tightened up at first, but, looking into Adam's eyes, he felt reassured and he relaxed. He began to run his hands up and down Adam's chest, stopping to play with his nipples. Adam moaned and hoped that Kris was ready because he couldn't wait any longer.

Adam grabbed the condom, but Kris took it from him and, opening it up, he rolled it oh, so slowly onto Adam's cock. Adam's hands were clenching the sheets to keep himself from coming at Kris' torturing touch. Kris lubed Adam up after he finally got the condom on, then he pulled his legs up to his chest so Adam could enter him. Adam leaned down to kiss Kris and whispered, "Are you ready for this?"

"I've been ready for this since I met you," Kris responded. After one more kiss, Adam slowly penetrated Kris with his cock. Kris hissed at the burn, but wrapped his legs around Adam's waist to encourage him to continue. Adam began with a slow rhythm, then slowly sped up. Soon, Kris was matching that rhythm as they moved together. Adam gripped Kris' cock firmly with one hand and began to slide his hand up and down in the same rhythm. Kris held on to Adam's shoulders as he began to breathe harder and harder, moaning with pleasure. Adam was close; he closed his eyes and threw his head back and as soon as Kris began to climax, Adam followed him over the edge.

Adam collapsed half on top of Kris and half on the bed. He slid out of Kris, pulled off the condom and tied it off. Then they both lay there catching their breath and coming down off their sexual high. Eventually, they got up and showered together, which resulted in the need for more washing of each other. Then they finally made it out to the kitchen and ate the dinner that Kris had prepared. Neither one cared that it was a little overcooked.

They spent the night together and almost every night after that until they decided, four months later, to move in together. They went apartment hunting to find an apartment that would be theirs alone. It took them six weeks, but they finally found the perfect apartment and moved in within two weeks.

2003- March

Adam had been working in the chorus of the LA production of Cats when he met Timothy at a friend's birthday party. Adam was twenty-one and had never had a serious boyfriend before. He and Timothy hit it off right away and both knew there was chemistry between them. Two weeks after they met, they had sex for the first time. Timothy worked as a bartender, so their schedules meshed well and they began to spend most of their time together. They moved in together just one month after they met. Adam moved into Timothy's apartment, since it was larger than Adam's efficiency apartment. Timothy was thirty years old and much more experienced than Adam in almost every way. He was also very outgoing and good-natured. Adam looked up to Timothy for all of these reasons. He loved Timothy and would have done almost anything for him.

What Adam didn’t know was that Timothy was a user. He used men sexually and he used them as a means to an end. What could a lowly chorus boy have that someone like Timothy wanted? Adam worked with people in the entertainment industry. Like millions of people before him, Timothy had come to LA to become an actor. He wanted Adam to introduce him to people and get his shot at stardom.

Timothy started out by asking Adam to introduce him to the cast and crew of Cats, pretending he was interested in what Adam did for a living. Adam was happy to show off his new boyfriend to his cast mates and the crew, including the director, Roger. Timothy waited for five months before he pulled Roger aside after a performance and asked if he could help Timothy get a role in a regular play, since he couldn’t sing at all. Roger was always wary when someone approached him like that, especially when it was someone who was connected to one of his cast or crew. After rehearsal the next day, he told Adam about Timothy’s request. Adam had been horrified and very apologetic. He promised Roger that Timothy wouldn’t bother him again.

Adam went directly to the bar that night after the show and confronted Timothy. He said, “Timothy, did you really ask Roger to get you a role in a play?” Timothy had just nodded, as he continued mixing a couple of martinis. “Why would you do that? Roger is my boss and now I’m embarrassed. You can’t take advantage of our relationship that way!”

Timothy calmly finished the martinis, then looked at Adam for a long minute. “We’ll talk about this when we get home. I have work to do.” Then he walked away from Adam. Adam got up from his bar stool and left. He took a cab home and waited for Timothy to get there. He arrived nearly three hours later. He had gotten off work an hour and a half ago. Adam had begun to be worried that something had happened to Timothy. When Timothy finally walked in the door, Adam was so relieved that he forgot for a moment that he was angry and ran to give Timothy a hug and kiss. Timothy roughly pushed him away.

“Stop hanging all over me!” he barked. “I thought you were embarrassed by me! Make up you mind, would you?.” He stalked into the kitchen and grabbed a beer out of the fridge, walked into the living room and threw himself into the recliner. “Ok, what’s the problem? I asked Roger for a simple favor, that’s all. He's a friend, so I thought he would be willing to help me out. Jeez, you’d think I’d asked him to blow me, the way you’re acting. Come on, tell me what I did that was so wrong!”

Adam was dumbstruck and just stood there staring at Timothy. Timothy snorted. “What an idiot you are! If you have something to say, say it. Don’t just stand there with your mouth hanging open like that!” Adam needed a minute to regain his composure, so he went into the kitchen and poured himself a glass of wine. He went back into the living room and sat on the edge of the couch.

Adam took a sip of his wine, then cleared his throat and opened his mouth. Timothy snapped, “Come on, Adam, spit it out! I haven’t got all night! I’m tired. I’d like to go to bed.”

Adam took another sip and said, “Timothy, you took advantage of our relationship and asked my boss for a huge favor without talking to me first. Roger has people coming to him all the time asking for favors like that. He hates it, especially if it’s someone like you, who’s connected to one of the cast or crew. It looks like you’re using our connection to get ahead. It looks like you’re using me to get ahead.” Adam paused to take another drink. His glass was almost empty. He wished he’d brought the bottle with him because the look Timothy was giving him was scaring him. It was a look of disgust and anger. “Are you using me, Timothy?” he asked, almost in a whisper. He already knew the answer.

Timothy had finished his beer and lobbed the bottle at Adam. Adam ducked and the bottle shattered against the wall. “You want to know where I was tonight after I got off work? I was with my real boyfriend, fucking his brains out. I couldn’t stand the thought of coming back here and listening to you whine. Am I using you? Not anymore! I thought you could introduce me to people in the business who could help me get my big break. Apparently you have a problem helping your boyfriend with something that important. It’s over now. I want you and your shit out of here tomorrow. I don’t care if you have to live on the street, just as long as you're gone when I get home from work. You’re pathetic, You can sleep on the couch tonight..”

Adam threw some clothes in a duffle bag and spent the night with one of his friends. The next day he went back to the apartment with some of his friends from the theater. Then they helped him move it all to Danielle’s place. He spent two weeks with her before he found another small apartment to live in. He never saw Timothy again.


2005- April

Adam was an understudy for the role of Claude in Hair. It had been a year and a half since Timothy had broken his heart. He had dated occasionally, but had been reluctant to get involved so deeply again. Then he met Wesley. They were both shopping in the same store and had reached for the same jacket at the same time. There had been a small argument as to who had gotten the jacket first. Adam won the argument, but they had laughed after that since they realized they were wearing the same t-shirt, and boots from the same designer.. Wes asked Adam if he wanted to have lunch and just talk for a while. Adam agreed. Lunch led to a dinner date three days later, then a movie two days after that. Three weeks after that, they moved in together in Adam's apartment. Adam had moved to a bigger apartment in a better neighborhood.

Things were great and Adam was on cloud nine. He absolutely loved Wes. Wes was two months younger than Adam, so they were more on an equal footing than Adam had been with Timothy. He felt more confident and realized that this was real love, not love mixed with hero worship. Wes had no agenda and he was truly in love with Adam. Sure, they had their share of bumps in the road, just like any couple. They had spats and a couple of major fights, but they were few and far between. They both liked to get dressed up and go out to a club when they could. Wes worked at a high-end clothing store as an assistant manager. He was able to rearrange his schedule to he could spend as much time as possible with Adam. Everything was great.

2007 - March

Adam and Wes had been together for almost two years. Their anniversary would be in just over a month and Adam had decided they needed to throw a party to celebrate. Wes agreed, although he didn't seem as enthusiastic as Adam was. Adam didn't notice, though and dragged Wes into the kitchen so they could sit at the table and plan the party. Their actual anniversary fell on a Wednesday, so they decided it would be better to have the party two days after that, on a Friday night. That way, most of their friends could come and party without having to worry about getting up the next morning for work. Adam had taken the night off.

They decided on a Parisian theme for the party. One of Wes' friends, Chad, was a caterer and he agreed to provide the food for the party at a big discount as his anniversary present to the couple. The prop crew from the theater where Adam worked volunteered to come over and decorate. They had actual invitations made and Adam spent one afternoon getting them addressed and ready to send out. Wes was in the bedroom. He had said he was going to e-mail his mother in New Mexico. Adam thought it was odd that Wes would choose that time to send an e-mail when they needed to get the invitations sent out as soon as possible. Adam realized that he had been doing most of the planning and the work for the party. Wes had arranged for the catering and that was about it. Adam was going to ask him about it after he finished his e-mail.

Wes came out of the bedroom shortly after Adam finished the invitations. Adam was still sitting at the kitchen table drinking some tea and looking over the list of things that still needed to be done for the party. Wes walked in, grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge and sat down across the table from Adam. He idly picked up some of the invitations and shuffled through them. He said nothing. Adam glanced at him without moving his head. Wes looked like he was in another world, like he wasn't really seeing the invitations in his hands. A small knot of anxiety started forming in Adam's stomach.

"Did you get your e-mail sent?" Adam asked. "You were in there a long time."

"Sorry," Wes answered. "I haven't talked to Mom in a while and I had a lot to tell her."

The ball of anxiety in Adam's stomach started to grow. Wes had just lied to him. Two days ago, Adam had been in the shower and Wes had been in the bedroom. The door to the bathroom was slightly ajar. Just as Adam shut the water off and stepped out of the tub, he heard Wes say, "Ok, I'll call you again next week. Bye, Mom. I love you." Adam didn't know what was going on now. Should he confront Wes about the lie, or let it go? Adam hated confrontations, so he decided to let it go. There had to be a good explanation for the lie. Or maybe he had just misheard what Wes had said on the phone.

Instead, he asked, "So do you want to go out to lunch and mail these invitations on the way?" Wes smiled and agreed. He got up, came around the table and gave Adam a hug and a kiss. The ball of anxiety shrank a little.

Two days before the party, Adam went to the store where Wes worked to buy a new outfit to wear Friday night. He walked in and a sales associate came over to welcome him to the store. "Hello, there. My name is Tony. May I help you find something?"

Adam smiled and asked to see Wes. Tony's eyes got wider as he gave Adam a strange look. "Sure, I'll just go get him. He'll be right out." He hurried toward the back of the store and disappeared. Wes came out a few minutes later, with Tony behind him. Wes smiled at Adam. "What a great surprise. What brings you to Margrave's?"

"I thought I'd get a new outfit for the party and I figured this was the place to come. Want to help me pick it out? It‘s our anniversary today, so I thought it would be the perfect day to do this."

Wes immediately agreed and led Adam away from Tony and over to the section where they displayed the pants. Tony stood there for a minute longer and watched them. Then he went back to the checkout counter.

It took Adam and Wes a little over an hour to pick out an outfit for Adam. He got a pair of black skinny dress pants, a tone on tone gold shirt with a striped pattern, and a black crocodile belt. By then it was almost noon, so Wes took his lunch break. Wes and Adam went to a nearby café for lunch. They held hands across the table while they waited for their food. The knot of anxiety in Adam’s stomach shriveled up and blew away.

They talked while they ate and Adam mentioned Tony. “I haven’t seen him in the store before. Is he new?”

Wes said, “Yes, he’s only been at Margrave’s for about four months. He’s a great sales associate. I’m already thinking of promoting him to floor supervisor.”

“Wow, that’s fast,” Adam replied. “It took you over a year to promote Liam to supervisor. Tony must be a fantastic worker.”

Wes didn’t look up form his plate as he said, “Yeah, Tony is a pretty special guy...He has a lot of drive and works really hard. He’s a lot better that Liam.. He deserves the promotion.”

Adam headed home while Wes went back to work. Adam was very happy with the outfit he and Wes had picked out together. He hummed as he put the new outfit in his closet and then went to rehearsal. He had a great show that night. The lead had a head cold and Adam was taking his place for a few nights. He was flying high by the time he got home. Wes seemed to be in a good mood as well. He had made vegetarian lasagna and they sat at the kitchen table and had a late dinner together. They opened a bottle of Pinot Noir to go with the lasagna.

After dinner, they took their glasses and the bottle of wine into the living room and snuggled on the couch. This lead to kissing and caressing, which lead to a quick walk to the bedroom and a night of sex and more cuddling before they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

On Thursday, Adam skipped rehearsal and went to get his hair done for tomorrow night. He also got a mani/pedi. He had ordered a special ring for Wes, a wide white gold ring that had a sapphire on top and a raised infinity symbol on each side of the sapphire. He also had both their initials engraved inside and their anniversary date.

Adam made a quick trip to the jewelers and picked up the ring. He dropped it off at home and hurried to the theater just in time for the show to start. Wes was there to watch tonight and after the performance was done, they went to have a romantic dinner at a nearby restaurant. It was another perfect night for Adam. It ended much the same as the night before.

It was Friday and Adam was up early because he couldn’t sleep, being so excited about
the party. His friends from the theater were coming over at 2:00, and the caterer would be there at 6:00. The party started at 8:00 since Wes had to work until 6:00. Adam made coffee and sat down at the table to go over the list one more time to make sure everything was taken care of. Wes got up, got ready for work and came into the kitchen, grabbing a cup of coffee and making omelets for breakfast. After they ate, Wes gave Adam a quick kiss and headed off to work.

It was 5:15. The crew from the theater had come and gone. The apartment looked like a miniature version of Paris. Adam had laid out his clothes on the bed to change into later. The caterer had confirmed that he would be there at 6:00. Adam had the ring in its box hidden on a shelf in the living room so he could give it to Wes during the party. Adam was walking around the living room, amazed at what the prop crew had been able to do. Suddenly, the door opened. Adam spun around, startled. It was Wes. “Wes! Is something wrong?” he asked, alarmed. Why would Wes be home this early? He had to have left work before 5:00 to get here now.

Wes heaved a sigh. “Yeah, Adam, there is something wrong. I’m so sorry.” He just stood there, looking at the floor. Adam hurried over to him and tried to hug him. Wes gently stopped him. “Adam, let’s sit down. I have something I have to tell you.” He walked over and sat on the couch. Adam followed, feeling scared and puzzled. Was Wes sick? Had something horrible happened at work? He sat down beside Wes and looked at him anxiously. Wes took a deep breath.

“Adam, I’m in love with Tony. I didn’t mean for it to happen, it just did. It has nothing to do with you. You’re a very special person and I love you, but not the way I love Tony. When I met him, it was like I had met my other half. I tried to fight my feelings for him, but...we’ve been seeing each other after work for about two months. We’re lovers. Tony begged me to tell you weeks ago, but I was too much of a chicken. I didn’t want to hurt you. Finally, today, he told me I had to tell you or it would be over between Tony and me. I had to make a choice and...I chose Tony.”

Adam got up and began to pace around the living room. “I’m so sorry, Adam. I hate this. I hate hurting you so much.” Wes fell silent. Adam continued to pace. Then he stopped in front of a six-foot replica of the Eiffel Tower and turned to face his boyfriend.

“I have no idea what to say to you right now. You cheated on me. For two months, you cheated on me. You found someone else and fell in love with him and slept with him and never told me. I feel like such an idiot. I knew something wasn’t quite right, but I never imagined...” Adam dropped down on his knees on the floor with tears running down his face. “How could you do this to me?” he whispered. “We’re celebrating our anniversary tonight, the party starts in less than two hours, and you choose now to tell me? My friends spent over two hours decorating. The caterer will be here in half an hour. Oh!”

Adam jumped up and grabbed the ring box off the shelf. “I got you a present!” He threw the box at Wes. “Here. Take it. I can’t return it. It’s custom made and personalized. Something to remember me by. Maybe you can wear it while you’re fucking your new boyfriend.” He started to sob and ran into the bedroom, slamming the door.

Wes opened the box and gasped when he saw the ring. It was beautiful. He started crying. He truly had never meant for this to happen. He had been so happy with Adam until Tony came into his store to ask for a job. Almost immediately, he had fallen hard for the new guy. He really had tried so hard not to, but he did anyway. Both men felt guilty, knowing this would hurt Adam when he found out. Tony pushed Wes right from the beginning to be honest with Adam, but Wes couldn't stand the thought of breaking Adam's heart. He knew how much Timothy had hurt Adam and he didn't want to do the same thing. Sighing, he got up from the couch and headed for the bedroom.

Adam was curled up in a fetal position, facing away from the door. He was clutching Wes' pillow and sobbing. Wes could see that the new outfit they had picked out together for Adam to wear tonight was tossed in a heap against the wall. He walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed behind Adam. Wes gently laid his hand on Adam's shoulder. "Adam. Adam, please listen to me. Please." Adam's sobbing quieted and Wes continued. "Please don't hate me. This wasn't what I wanted to happen. I tried so hard not to let it happen. But it did and it is not your fault. It's my fault. The last two years with you have been amazing. You are an amazing person and you absolutely don't deserve to be treated like this. I am so sorry. I really am."

Adam lay very still, and he said, in a ragged voice, "Please just get out. Leave me alone. I don't want to see you again. Please just pack your stuff and leave. Oh, and call all the guests and cancel the party. Tell Chad when he gets here that the party's canceled. Then just leave me alone." Wes sat there for a minute watching Adam with his head buried in the pillow. He didn't know what else to say. All he could do was what Adam had asked him to do.

Wes quickly packed a suitcase with clothes and toiletries, then said to Adam, "I'll come back tomorrow for the rest of my things. I'll go call the guests now and cancel the party." He hesitated, then moved forward and laid his hand on Adam's shoulder again. Adam roughly shrugged him off.

"Just get out, Wes. You don't have anything to say that I want to hear." Wes sighed again and left the room. Chad was just getting there and he sent Chad back home. Leaving the ring in the box on the coffee table, he went out to his car and tossed his suitcase into the back seat. Then he sat there and called everyone to cancel the party. Not wanting to go into the sordid details on the phone with three dozen different people, he just said that Adam wasn't feeling well. Then he left and drove to Tony's place. He felt like complete crap, but he knew that Adam was feeling so much worse.

After that disastrous anniversary night, Adam didn't date any more. His friends tried to encourage him to; they even tried to set him up, but he refused. Once bitten, twice shy. Twice bitten, forever shy? When he needed release, he took care of it himself. When it got to the point that he needed human contact to fully satisfy his needs, he would go to a club, get shit-faced and find some willing twink to take out back and fuck. But he did not date. Until he met Kristopher Allen.


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