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Title: We found Love
author: puska-baby
rating: PG
warnings: language, m/m sex
pairings: Kris/Adam
disclaimer: i don't own these guys, just the plot.

Written for prompt #9 - Rock star Adam Lambert needs a break. Lane once mentioned a volunteer group she worked with in the past, and told him how rewarding it was. Adam remembers that when he's thinking of places to hide and recharge his batteries, so he has Lane sign him up.

Adam wonders if he's gotten more than he'd bargained for - Haiti is hotter than he'd imagined (his make-up melts off his face) and he'd take a shower twice a day if his tent (or the camp it was in) had running water, but then Adam meets the man in charge of the group of volunteers he's a part of.

Kris is no stranger to helping others, he's been on several mission trips since starting college. This time though Kris needed to get away so he could think: it's time to decide whether he wants to keep on playing music in bars and producing his own records that sell 10 copies, or if he wants to get married and settle down.

Kris thinks there's only one path to follow: the same path his father took. He'd given his music a chance, now it was time to be an adult and grow up. But then Adam Lambert shows up in his little group of volunteers, and shows Kris that there's another path. Will Kris be brave enough to walk the path that leads to happiness in Adam's arms?

My journal.
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Title: Untitled Library fic
Author: [livejournal.com profile] mhobbs0430
Artist: [info]youkeyh
made for Prompt #56. Adam Lambert thinks the new librarian is the cutest thing he’s ever seen. Bonus, he’s got a southern accent! Then he discovers a side of Kris he’d never seen when he walks into one of his favorite bars and sees Kris on stage with a guitar in his hands. Adam finds it very difficult to concentrate on books and research and cataloguing when all he can think about is the way Kris moved on stage.

Kris Allen, librarian by day, musician by night. He thinks that Adam is sweet and gorgeous and way out of his league, until the night Adam seduces Kris in the poetry stacks. At first Kris believes that Adam just wanted a one-night stand, another notch in his already well-notched belt, but Adam won’t leave him alone, and he gets this look on his face when anyone else stands really close to Kris.

Adam decides he wants to make an honest man out of Kris, but will Kris let himself believe in happily ever after?

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Title: Wild Women Do
Author: [info]house_of_lantis
Artist: [info]youkeyh
made for prompt #52. Kris is looking for a job, and finds one as a keyboardist on a tour with a group of three singers/drag queens. He finds himself helping out the 'girls' (who are a foot taller than him, and more muscled, and stronger to boot!) by carrying their bags, finding their costumes, getting the gas, etc. The 'girls' love their little southern sidekick . . . although, they aren't too sure if Kris knows they're not female (he keeps opening doors!).

But when Kris starts to fall for Adam, hijinks ensue as Adam tries to be the 'girl' in the relationship . . . at least until everyone figures out what makes them all happy.

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Title: Masquerade Deception
Author: Kira_dark_wing
Pairing: Kris/Adam
Word Count: 1814
Disclaimer: I own nothing. This is just proof of the strange places my mind goes.

This fic was inspired by the wonderful prompt given by [livejournal.com profile] justaillusion:
Kris' husband, dashing Major Adam Lambert, has disappeared into war-torn Spain. Left alone, Kris discovers a dark secret behind his whirlwind marriage and flees to England. By day he banishes every thought of his husband, but by night he's haunted by memories of their intensely passionate wedding night…. Five years on, Kris has just taken the hand of a dangerously handsome dance partner. he's about to come face-to-face with his commanding husband—back to claim him! -
Masquerade Deception )
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Title: You Make Me Want to Make Music Again
Author: [livejournal.com profile] misura
Rating: PG-13
Prompt #: 8
Disclaimer: This will never happen in this universe.
Notes: Given the prompt, this fic didn't really seem to require any kind of AU. Thus, I didn't really write one.
Prompt: 8. Kris Allen has realized that he made a mistake when he left his music career behind. Now he's mounting a comeback, and opening for Adam Lambert during his summer concert tour would be a coup, but there's a catch: Adam wants Kris as more than his opening act.
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Title: Worth It
Author: [livejournal.com profile] misura
Rating: PG-13
Prompt #: 24
Disclaimer: This never happened in this universe.
Notes: This prompt is, of course, based on It Could Happen To You, which I saw a grand total of uh one time. So. Any close resemblance between this fic and the movie might be considered a lucky guess on my part. This fic contains tense shifts. They seemed a good idea at the time?

24. Cop Kris Allen is the definition of a nice guy. So when he runs out of change for a tip at his favorite cafe, he pulls out a lottery ticket and promises beleaguered waiter Adam Lambert that if he wins, he can have half the jackpot. Adam just doesn't have the faith to believe him, but what happens when Officer Allen shows up the next day with half of a million-dollar jackpot in tow? )
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Title: All's Fair in Work and Play
Author: [livejournal.com profile] misura
Rating: PG-13
Prompt #: 51
Disclaimer: This never happened in this universe.
Notes: This fic's plot (and I use the term loosely here) pretty much revolves on the idea that Sex Solves Everything. Without, you know, actually including any sex. This fic includes one instant of (mentioned but not shown) very mild and inexplicit sexual harassment.

51. Kris Allen isn't the type for one night stands, but he can't resist the mysterious stranger at the bar who is just his type: tall, dark and handsome. Their one night of passion is unforgettable; as unforgettable as the way Adam left without a word before morning. But what's Kris to do when Adam is the new hired gun brought in to downsize his department? )
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Title: To Want And To Need
Author: [livejournal.com profile] misura
Rating: PG-13
Prompt #: 33
Disclaimer: This never happened in this universe. No disrespect or slander intended - if I've used the name of a living person for a villain here *coughDannyGokeycough* that is in no way meant to imply I consider that person capable of villainous or criminal acts.
Notes: This fic contains: People Failing at Communication, People Not Having Sex For Stupid Reasons and (of course) Plotholes. This fic does not contain: Dramatic Shootings, Kidnappings or Near Death Wedding Proposals, even though I sort of feel like it should have.

33. After accidentally tangling with a drug dealer, Kris is desperate for protection. And the only guy he knows who's trained in this sort of thing is Adam Lambert - the man he left because his job is too dangerous. Yeah. Kind of funny that he's now the one in a heap of danger. But the fact is, he trusts Adam with his life. )
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Title: Marriage: A commitment for life
Author: Aira Silver (Jslvr4vr)
Word Count: 1,562
Rating: T
Summary: Adam's and Kris' story before and until the final of American Idol Season 8.

Prompt: Secret marriage between Kris and Adam before going on Idol together.



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