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Title: Leading Men
author: puska-baby
rating: PG
pairings: Adam/Kris
disclaimer: I own nothing.
Prompt no. 16
summary: Kris Allen takes part in Dancing With The Stars, and Adam Lambert is his dance instructor. Usually Kris thinks of himself as a quite decent dancer, but he can’t concentrate on the moves when he is so busy staring at Adams hips.

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Title: We found Love
author: puska-baby
rating: PG
warnings: language, m/m sex
pairings: Kris/Adam
disclaimer: i don't own these guys, just the plot.

Written for prompt #9 - Rock star Adam Lambert needs a break. Lane once mentioned a volunteer group she worked with in the past, and told him how rewarding it was. Adam remembers that when he's thinking of places to hide and recharge his batteries, so he has Lane sign him up.

Adam wonders if he's gotten more than he'd bargained for - Haiti is hotter than he'd imagined (his make-up melts off his face) and he'd take a shower twice a day if his tent (or the camp it was in) had running water, but then Adam meets the man in charge of the group of volunteers he's a part of.

Kris is no stranger to helping others, he's been on several mission trips since starting college. This time though Kris needed to get away so he could think: it's time to decide whether he wants to keep on playing music in bars and producing his own records that sell 10 copies, or if he wants to get married and settle down.

Kris thinks there's only one path to follow: the same path his father took. He'd given his music a chance, now it was time to be an adult and grow up. But then Adam Lambert shows up in his little group of volunteers, and shows Kris that there's another path. Will Kris be brave enough to walk the path that leads to happiness in Adam's arms?

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Title: New York, New York
author: puska-baby
rating: NC-17
warnings: kinda angsty, language, m/m sex
pairings: past Adam/Brad, Adam/Kris
disclaimer: I don't own these guys. Just the plot. All the places mentioned within are real though.

prompt #35 - Adam Lambert has been invited to his ex's wedding. Because he refuses to let the cheating bastard think he cares, he replies as plus one. Kris Allen appears to be the answer to Adam's temporary problem, but when it comes time for their fake relationship to end, will Adam be able to let go?

a/n - This is in parts at my journal. Hope you guys enjoy, I had fun with it. :)

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