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Welcome to our seventh round of Harlequin Kradam Fest! As I mentioned earlier we will now be collecting prompts in a spreadsheet, so please follow the link below to submit your prompts.

~We will accept prompts through July 5th. (You may claim prompts and submit your fanfic and/or fanart submission from July 6th through October 31st. **Please note that the submission period has been extended.)

~Prompts may be general (aka, marriage of convenience) or contain specific scenarios, such as Kris Allen is the son of a wealthy businessman who must marry by his 25th birthday or lose the inheritance he plans to use to fund his own charity. He sees Adam Lambert, a struggling musician, perform one night and is smitten; Kris makes Adam an offer he can’t refuse.

~You may take blurbs off the back of Harlequin romance novels or DVD cases, use scenarios you’ve made up yourself, or mix ‘em up.

~You may re-submit filled prompts from previous rounds (or better yet, tell me ahead of time you’d like to keep it and I won’t remove it from the spreadsheet).

~If you plan to post a fic this round that you started for a previous round, please make sure that the prompt you claimed is re-submitted for this round so that you can re-claim it.

~Prompts must contain Kris/Adam and be of a Harlequin nature (which we will interpret broadly). Harlequin is a type of romance that includes everything from traditional to historical, intrigue to supernatural. If you’re not sure what we mean by the term ‘Harlequin’, check out the eHarlequin writing guidelines.

~When filling out the prompt submission form, please choose the trope that best fits your prompt. I realize that more than one prompt might fit, but you should choose the trope that best fits. The purpose is so that people who are looking for ‘marriage of convenience’ prompts, for example, can search for just the marriage-related prompts.

~Some tropes have been merged so that we don’t have a list of thirty or more. As it is, we still have twenty. To see what tropes are included in the merged tropes, such as ‘Wedding Bells’, which contains all the marriage-related prompts, please see the list of tropes below.

~If you do not see a trope that you think should be on the list, please let me know.

For more information about the Fest please read the rules on the community profile. If your question isn’t answered there you may ask us here at the Q&A post.

Prompt Submission Form

Complete List of Prompts

(I have submitted a few prompts so you can see what the form will look like. Click on View/List to see how you can filter prompts by trope.)

Tropes List:

Baby On Board (Secretly Pregnant/Baby left on Doorstep/Made Guardian)

Bad Boys, Rakes and Rogues (incl Highwaymen & Pirates)

Betrayal/Revenge/Scandal (incl Family Feud, Infidelity, Kidnapped/Held Captive, etc)



Boss/Secretary (incl Guardian/Ward, Doctor/Nurse etc)

Disguised (incl Masquerade and Mistaken or Hidden Identity)

Disney (Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella (aka Rags to Riches), etc)



In Sickness and in Health (Amnesia, Blindness, H/C, Injury, etc)


Off The Beaten Track (Road Trip, Stranded/Snowbound, etc)

Opposites Attract (incl Geek-Cool Kid, Nerd-Athlete, etc)

Our Differences Make Us Stronger (Age, Business Competitors, Class, Fame, Royalty, etc)

Paranormal (Vampires, Werewolves, etc)

Reluctant Heir


Second Chance at Love (Best Friend’s Little Brother, Childhood Sweethearts, Estranged Lovers Reunited, Friends to Lovers, Enemies to Lovers, etc)

Wedding Bells (Marriage of Convenience, Arranged Marriage, Forced Marriage, Mail Order Bride, Drunk Married in Vegas, Pretend Relationship)
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