May. 19th, 2014

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Hello, everyone! I've been asked if I'm going to hold another round of Harlequin Kradam this year, and the answer is yes! I've also decided to make some changes.

~The first major change is to the schedule. The posting period will now end on October 31 (instead of September 30) and there will be a 15 day amnesty posting period following that.

~The second major change has to do with prompt submissions, which will now be done via form and and all the prompts saved into a spreadsheet so they don't have to be re-submitted each round. (Though I will remove prompts that have been filled from the spreadsheet unless someone asks me not to.)

The revised schedule for this round is:

Prompt Submission Period: June 15, 2014 - July 5, 2014
Prompts Available for Claiming: July 6, 2014
Claiming/Posting Period: July 6, 2014 - October 31, 2014
Last Day to Claim/Post: October 31, 2014
Amnesty Posting Period: November 1, 2014 - November 15, 2014

Tropes: To make it easier to search for certain prompts, there will be a trope category in the prompt submission form that will ask you to select the trope that best describes your prompt. (In fact, I'm considering including three such questions because I can think of a dozen prompts off the top of my head that will include more than one trope.) Therefore, if someone is searching for 'marriage of convenience' prompts (or marriage of convenience/baby on board/estranged lovers prompts), they can choose that (those) trope(s) from the drop down box(es) and see them all in one place.

I don't want to leave out any tropes, nor do I want to include too many. Please take a look at this list of tropes I've compiled and let me know if there are more I should add, some I should remove, or some that can be combined. Thank you!

list of tropes )


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